Sunday, August 28, 2016

Homeschool Literature Class


Homeschool Literature Class
Suggested for Grades 9-12
Fall 2016

  Enjoying literature is easier and more fun to do in a group than in individual study. This class will learn how to dig deeper into an array of different genres including, but not limited to – fiction, non-fiction, biography, fantasy/science fiction, poetry and modern literature. The goal for this class is threefold. First, we will be learning how to analyze literature. Second, we will be honing our writing and discussion skills to learn how to best express our thoughts. Third, we will work on organizational skills to help us fulfill expectations.

This class will meet weekly (probably on Mondays and Tuesdays and probably at the library – these details will be worked out later) for 24 weeks and will meet the time requirements for 1 high school credit. Class limit is 10 people.

The cost for the class is $100/semester.

Contact Sara Floerke if you have questions ( or 218-340-5302)